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Paperbarklove sells a range of skin care products, including lip balms, soaps and body butter.

Amanda is a proud Kungarakan woman from the Finniss River, Northern Territory. She has taken inspiration from her Kungarakan, paperbark heritage creating products that use natural and simple ingredients.
Paperbark was used abundantly in ceremony by the Kungarakan people. Amanda hopes that her products will evoke the same level of love, care and respect our skin deserves. Paperbark trees like our skin are symbolic and a reflection of our inner beauty.

All of Paperbarklove products are made in small batches. This ensures authenticity and results in high quality products. Amanda spends many early mornings, late nights and weekends doing what she loves most mixing, filling, cutting, labelling and wrapping all Paperbarklove products.
The range of Paperbarklove products can be purchased on their website.

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