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Meeanjin began as a way to sell authentic Indigenous arts and crafts to an international audience and we have gone from strength to strength.

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History of Meeanjin Markets

The Meeanjin Markets is an opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to be active participants in the economy. To showcase their talents, and learn from the experience to shape their business. The markets support Indigenous small businesses who are starting, emerging and more established. To promote and share the diversity of our cultures, histories and stories.


The biannual event is now in its third year. Over this period businesses have grown from a few products and no social presence, to online selling and commissioned pieces. Regular visitors seek out their favourite stallholder to see new products, created just for the markets. Businesses get exposure to new and diverse audiences. They also get immediate feedback. What resonates with people? What audiences are interested in about their business? It gives stallholders critical information to shape their business. It builds their confidence and develops their sales skills and presentation. 

Our response to COVID-19

The SEQICC Board have responded to COVID-19 by moving the markets online.  Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community is considered to be one of the most vulnerable communities in the country.  We are not prepared to risk the health of our families, colleagues, friends, and visitors to the markets by having a face-to-face event. 

Meeanjin Online is a chance for more Australians to support Indigenous stallholders and performers who are feeling the impact of this crisis. It’s not the same  as a market, but we are creating an event that has that same atmosphere.  So you will feel like you’re chatting to stallholders.  Hearing about them, their products, their creativity, how they connect and continue culture through their businesses.

Event Presenters

The Meeanjin Markets are proudly hosted by the The South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce (SEQICC).

The SEQICC is committed to fostering trade and building capacity for Indigenous owned businesses in our region, and where possible uses Indigenous owned businesses in its delivery.


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