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Dark + Disturbing

Curated t-shirt collection that questions the systems in which we live.

What is Dark and Disturbing -
Dark and disturbing is a curatorial project that explores Aboriginal sensibilities around knowledge, identity and protest. It interrogates power structures and provides a platform for Aboriginal voices.

“Dark & Disturbing references the place the ‘aborigine’ holds in this country. The ‘aborigine’ is either rendered invisible, as in terra nullius, or is made negative and pathologised as a problem or a curse.”
Vernon Ah Kee

Dark & Disturbing through its designs challenges race and power in Australia.

About Vernon Ah Kee -
Dark & Disturbing is a curatorial project of artist Vernon Ah kee. Vernon’s work is in most public institutions across Australia as well as international public collections, including the Tate gallery in Britain and the National Gallery of Canada. Vernon’s background in screen-printing resonates throughout the Dark & Disturbing brand. As he reaches mid-career as a practitioner, Dark & Disturbing gives him an opportunity to expand his work in curation.

With a range of designs available Dark & Disturbing are currently selling online via their website.

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Facebook: @darkanddisturbing
Instagram: @darkanddisturbing

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