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Mimburi Dreaming

Original artwork, hand designed artefacts, workshops and cultural consultancy.

BJ Murphy is a contemporary Aboriginal Artist who takes inspiration from his country in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Queensland Australia. BJ is both a visual artist, curator and songman who is dedicated to the continuation of his Jinibara culture. Through his paintings, carvings, wood burnings, songs, and curatorial work he holds a deep responsibility to his culture and the representation of stories that have been passed down to him by his family. His unique style mixes both traditional and contemporary forms and concepts.

Picking up his first paint brush seriously in 2008 BJ’s work has progressed with a strength that matches the love and passion he has for his art, culture and family. His recent work shows a precise attention to detail that reflects the hours of work he puts into each and every piece.

BJ is a dedicated artist and cultural man who is an ever growing asset to Australian Contemporary Indigenous Art.


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