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Kakadu Tiny Tots

Kakadu Tiny Tots offer a range of products including baby clothes, organic candles, herbal teas, and skin care products.

Kakadu Tiny Tots is a wholly Australian owned company that creates authentic Aboriginal clothing, accessories and artwork. All of their designs originate and are uniquely handcrafted in remote indigenous communities in the Northern Territory of Australia.
If you are looking for an Australian gift or unique piece of Indigenous clothing, Kakadu Tiny Tots are the number one supplier for Aussie online shopping.

Kakadu Tiny Tots was founded on a joint idea to incorporate the gap in the market of quality Indigenous based children’s clothing and to recognise and acknowledge the Aboriginal people of Australia. Over the last 35 years their head designer has made and crafted jewellery, clothing and other garments for both her community and clients worldwide. She is a highly respected traditional owner of Kakadu National Park.

Recently Kakadu Tiny Tots have developed a range of organic soaps, candles and skincare products. They also have a food range of Organic Bush Tea and Kakadu Tucker chutneys and jams.

Kakadu Tiny Tots sell online and are stocked in a number of shops throughout Australia.


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