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Desirari Art

Original illustrations by Desirai Art born out of changes in her circumstances due to Covid.

As a Gungarri woman, my artwork aims to empower other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. I want to express who I am and how I connect to my culture in the current modern landscape. I currently have my artwork on various sized prints and small stickers.

Art has always helped me to express myself particularly when I can't find the words to do so. I started creating digital character illustrations at the beginning of Covid when everything shutdown. It started as a way to escape the constant tension that had become apart of our daily lives.

Apart of me hopes these illustrations will connect with those who can see a small part of themselves reflecting back through the drawing. We all have a sassy side. I also just genuinely enjoy creating bad ass, diverse women in my artwork. There is nothing more incredible than women supporting women and coming together as sisters and aunties.


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