The Meeanjin Markets, a legacy event of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games was first held at Reddacliff Place in Brisbane in April 2018, where more than 10,000 people welcomed the opportunity to meet Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and performers and purchase authentic artworks.

The Meeanjin Markets is a two-day festival and South East Queensland’s home of authentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, music and artisan products. Enjoy quality shopping, dance performances, live music, artisan workshops, children's entertainment and assorted native foods and beverages.


The Meeanjin Markets are proudly hosted by the The South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce (SEQICC) and organised by Jabin Project Management

The SEQICC is committed to fostering trade and building capacity for Indigenous owned businesses in our region, and host of the Meeanjin Markets where possible uses Indigenous owned businesses in its delivery.

Jabin was awarded the tender to organise the November 2019 event and the two events in 2020. Jabin is a Brisbane based 100% owned and operated project management company with a broad range of experience. 

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The Meeanjin Markets are proudly support by the Queensland Government, Suncorp, Brisbane City Council, Hutchinson Builders and Accor.

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