Meeanjin Online

27 November 2020 

9 am - 9 pm via Facebook and YouTube


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Welcome to Meeanjin

Meeanjin Online is a unique event showcasing First Nations’ culture, creativity and diversity, providing audiences an opportunity to listen and learn from the oldest living culture in the world.


From native food products and jewellery, to tshirts with political statements and spears, Meeanjin Online November 27 will be featuring 19 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses from South-East-Queensland.


Audiences will be able to watch Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people talk about about their businesses, what makes them unique and authentic.  They will see Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performances, cooking demonstrations and a range of Indigenous musicians.  The event is broadcast free on our Facebook and Youtube channels.


Due to COVID, this is our second online event, presented by an experienced team of Indigenous professionals.  We’re calling on all Australians to get Meeanjin Online ready, November 27, to watch in their homes or workplaces.

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