Take Pride Movement

Driven by pride, love and resilience of First Nation Australians, along with the oldest surviving culture on the planet, the TAKE PRIDE MOVEMENT was born.

A fashion label creating timeless pieces of clothing and apparel, representing First Nation Australian culture as a symbol of unity and strength for all races to wear with pride.

It began as an idea in 2009, which manifested into the launch of the TAKE PRIDE MOVEMENT during the lead up to Invasion Day of 2019.

A vision of togetherness, equality and visual statement to bring together all races from all cultures to celebrate the oldest surviving culture, with over 60,000 years of traditions.

The TAKE PRIDE MOVEMENT signifies passion, unity, empowerment, belonging and most of all the individuality of expressing your story and the journey you embark.

Together we walk this land with pride of First Nations People and their continuous connection to culture.


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Website: https://takepridemovement.com
Facebook: @takepridemovementn
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