Murra Wolka

Murra Wolka provide products that are Authentic to their culture. They are made in Australia and supports Aboriginal families.

Joe Skeen Snr. was a little boy when his parents were removed from their traditional homelands and sent to the Palm Island Aboriginal Reserve in North Queensland. In the early 1940’s they were moved again to Cherbourg in South East Queensland.

Joe Snr. would often accompany his father when he was hired out to local farmers to work, mostly in cane cutting. It was then that his father taught him how to identify Black Wattle Roots and how to fashion those Roots into boomerangs. Among the many people that bought his fathers boomerangs were American servicemen. When he was 21 years old Joe Skeen Snr. returned to Cherbourg to visit his siblings and he saw an opportunity to earn a living from making and selling boomerangs to farmers, before moving to Brisbane in 1960.

Years later, Joe Skeen Jr. at the urging of his wife Carla, decided to help out his father, resulting in the birth of Murra Wolka Creations in 1990. With his brothers and sisters as artists and craftsmen they carry on the tradition of supplying authentic Aboriginal products made in Australia.

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