Dreamtime Aroha

We are a self funded start up. We embarked on a project to give our families and friends toys for their kids because there were none that represented them.

With no experience in this we researched and watched a whole lot of you tube videos. We bought a sewing machine! We looked all over Australia for fabrics and we found dolls that we loved that the kids thought were cute. And from there we got asked for more... and more... and more.
so here we are! We are not a business driven on financial outcome. What we make matches what we give away. The money we make on sales goes back into materials to make more so we can continue to send the babies out to kids.

Welcome to our journey! J is a force of nature descending from a long line of strong women and men from Brisbane, Fraser Island, Tanna Island and Cape York. B is a little on the crazy side. Maori made with roots to Palmerston North, Taranaki, Gisborne in NZ and Lismore, Injune, Brisbane in Australia.

We are proud of our ancestors and where we have come from. We hope that this not only celebrates all our mob and family but our community and cultures.

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Website: https://dreamtime-aroha.myshopify.com
Facebook: @dreamtimearoha