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Selection Criteria

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​​The Meeanjin 2021 is a curated event. Event organisers will make a decision on stallholder’s entry into the event, subject to the below selection criteria.


What are we looking for?


  • We are looking for businesses that create products that are unique and of a high quality


  • We are looking for items that have some element of original design, or are innovative


  • We prefer products of a handmade nature, but this depends on the product


  • We do not allow you to sell items that are massed produced


  • We look for designs that have either traditional or contemporary design (you DO NOT need to use traditional artwork to be an Indigenous creative)


  • We are looking for brands with a clear story that our audience can see


  • We are a GREEN event; therefore, we expect you to minimize your waste in both the production of your products, and in your packaging


  • All products must be ethically produced


  • You must be able to have enough stock to last the whole day of the market


  • Your stall must be well presented and fit within the aesthetic of the Meeanjin Markets overall look and feel

  • We are keen to work with people who are new to the markets scene and are willing to learn, and with those with previous experience

  • Markets are a dynamic environment so we encourage you to be flexible


  • The Market runs over 11 hours. You might consider workers/volunteers to support you.


  • Due to Covid you will be required to regularly wipe down products that visitors pick up and don’t purchase.


  • You will be required to manage your own sales. We encourage you to use electronic devices for customer ease, and due to covid.


  • We are developing a Covid plan if it disrupts the Markets on November 19. If you have the ability to sell online, this will help you continue to participate. However, we understand not everyone will have this capacity. Our Covid plan will take this into consideration.




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