Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a stall at the markets?

Due to our funding requirements we are limited to who we can offer a stall. You must operate your business out of South East Queensland (SEQ). The boundaries we work off are approximately Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales, Cherbourg, Toowoomba, and the Sunshine Coast. We have created the Meeanjin Marketplace for businesses locate outside our area. Contact us if you have any questions.


What is the Meeanjin Marketplace?

The Marketplace is a stall run by the SEQICC selling for Indigenous business that are either not located in SEQ or those who are located in SEQ but do not want a full or half stall. We sell products on consignment taking a 10% commission on any sales. In the past we have sold for Indigenous businesses from WA, Victoria, Cairns and the Northern Territory.

Can I go in the Meeanjin Marketplace if I live in SEQ?

Yes – if you are emerging and/or would like to test your products you are welcome to apply for a spot in the Marketplace. 

Why can’t I sell my canvas paintings?

We are not an “art”. Large paintings just do not sell in this space. Our audience is looking for well-designed items usually ranging from $20 - $120. We have found that prints or painting that are A3 size or below are best. 


Do my products need to be handmade?

Not necessarily. You do need an element of ORIGINAL DESIGN. For example, you design a fabric, have it printed and create children’s dress to sell. Small scale production is ok, however if you are having that dress sold by a large company that takes away from the artisan aspect of the markets and is not allowed. 


Who is your audience?

As we are in the heart of the Brisbane CBD the Meeanjin Markets attracts a wide range of people, so you need to keep this in mind when creating your products! We recommend you have range of products that cater for a range tastes.

For example, while many people love traditional Indigenous design, they would not buy it to put in their house. We ask that you consider how to create something that suits the modern aesthetic but has traditional elements?


How much is a stall?

To have a full stall is $300 and a half stall is $150


How much does it cost to go in the Meeanjin Marketplace?

We charge a 10% commission to sell your items in the Meeanjin Marketplace. You are aslo responsible for posting items and their return.

What is selling on consignment?

Consignment is when you send us your products and we sell them for you. In order to cover our costs, for example point of sale machines and bank charges, we charge a 10% commission on any sales you make.