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Workshops & Performers

Welcome to the Meeanjin Markets 2024 application process.

The applications for WORKSHOPS and PERFORMERS for May 25th 2024 Meeanjin Markets close 17th April 2024


The aim of the markets is to give the public highly professional well organised markets with products and entertainment that is unique, well-designed and reflect our Indigenous culture. As part of our program we offer free workshops to the public. We are currently looking for Indigenous businesses interested in delivering a variety of culture workshops during the event. 


We are always looking for  up and coming talent of all ages. We are seeking individuals and bands or dance groups. If you feel you would like to perform on the main stage please apply. 

What you need to apply

  • You need to give us a fixed price for delivering your workshop/s or for performing

  • You will need to give us a description of want you intend to run, highlighting anything unique and innovative.

  • You can access the application form from the link below 

If you have any problems accessing or filling in the form, please let us know we would be happy to help! You can contact us on or by phoning 

0401 997 336.

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