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The Marketplace

Welcome to the Meeanjin Markets 2020 application process.

The applications for a place in the MARKETPLACE for the May 8 & 9 event are closed. If you would like information on the November 27 & 28 event please subscribe for updates.

As part of our funding arrangements we have to prioritise Indigenous artisans located in SEQ. So that everyone has the opportunity to be involved we have established the Meeanjin Marketplace. If you are NOT located in SEQ you can send us your products and we sell them for you on consignment for you. We do charge a nominal fee for this service to cover our expenses. 


We can also sell for you if you are based in SEQ but can’t have your own stall. For example, if you are in the start up phase of your business and would like to test your products. Please contact us for further information on our consignment process or check our website.

What you need to apply

You will be asked to provide us with some of your business details including ABN (if you have one). We will also ask you about the types of products you will selling. Please work on describing your products in a way that will make you stand out from the crowd.  Email any product shots you to


If you are a returning to the Marketplace, your place is not automatically guaranteed. So please ensure you highlight your NEW products! You will be judged with the pool of new applicants. 

Contact us on or by phoning 0417 612 618 for any further information.

Consignment Process

Understanding the consignment process - 

  1. Fill in an application to be in the Meeanjin Marketplace​

  2. If you are accpect you will sent a CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT

  3. Read the agreement thoroughly to make sure you understand the agreement (contact us with any questions)

  4. To fill in the form you will need know the exact quantities you will be sending us to sell

  5. You will need to set your pricing for each item with any variations, e.g Vase small $20, large $30

  6. Label your stock with the relevant pricing or you can send in signage to be used

  7. Post, courier or drop off stock (depending on your location) with the form to the given address BEFORE the due date

  8. We do a stocktake, and inform you of any discrepancies 

  9. We will input your stock into the point of sale system, Square

  10. After the event we will do another stocktake

  11. Number of items are cross checked with the sales in the Square 

  12. If there are any items to return we will post or courier them back to you or you can pick up

  13. The cost of the return will be taken from any sales you have made, along with the 20% commission (this to cover the cost of Square fees and updating our point of sale hardware)

  14. We will give you are breakdown of the sale and postage cost 

  15. You will send us an invoice and we will pay you the amount 

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