Lore Australia

LORE Australia is a health and wellness company using Australian native bio-foods.
Our philosophy is based on the three principles of traditional lore: Country – Community – Spirit

LORE sell a range of Australian native bush teas. Their tea is made from hand-harvested and naturally dried Guradji. Gurạdji is a native Australian plant traditionally used for thousands of years to heal ailments, cleanse the body and bring clarity to the mind. The leaves were chewed to relieve toothache, steeped in water and sipped to relieve pain or nausea, and made into a paste that was applied to wounds or injuries to reduce inflammation and help in the healing process.

With it’s amazing health benefits Gurạdji is one of Australia’s many super foods. LORE sustainably wild harvest Guraji, which has high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Naturally caffeine free, it also contains naturally occurring inositol. A non-sugar sweetener that helps maintain healthy hair and skin. Inositol is beneficial in dental health and provides a lasting, soft sweetness on the palette.
LORE also sell their range of Gurbuchi a native kombucha. With flavours such as Zingy Stardust with lemon myrtle and finger lime, and Sucker Punch with Davidson plum and wild hibiscus.
Purchases can be made directly on the LORE website.





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