Little Dreamers

Bed linen and cushions, handmade each with a unique story

Little Dreamers is a tiny collection of children’s Dreaming Cushions', bed linen and quilts. Made originally for Aboriginal artist Konstantina's children after realising that she couldn’t buy anything like this in Australia.

With the limited-edition cushion range now available for purchase, each item comes with its own story connecting culture and place. Each design is 100% original from the illustration and story to the hand silk screening and local stitching and buttoning. Each cushion has been made of artists hands, with love and care making every single piece unique. Made with the craftsmanship and high-quality finish that would last long enough to become a beautiful family heirloom.

All fabrics have been sustainably sourced. Filling is 100% recycled PET water bottles and the buttons upcycled from the precious community of Byron Bay.

Teaching children the oldest, greatest culture in the world is all our legacy and Little Dreamers is honoured to do it through this range by Konstantina.





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