Indigi Fusionart

These works created in various medium are a reflection of Torry's connection to culture and country from knowledge past down from Elders.

Indigi Fusionart is the enterprise of artist Neville “Torry “Torrisheba. Torry is a proud Papua New Guinean born descendant of the Jabirr jabirr tribe of Broome Western Australia, Mer Island in the Torres Straits, and the Hula clan of Papua New Guinea.

A visual artist experienced in multiform and multi medium art, Torry’s artwork is authentic, original and very versatile. His works include sculpture, weaving, ceramics, printmaking and painting not only in acrylics but using traditional ochres.

Torry has a focus and passion for creating greater cultural awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island culture and unity to the wider community. He aims to create artwork, sculptures from memories, knowledge, tradition and culture that has been passed down from his Elders of family, and local community from his Aboriginal, Papua New Guinean, Torres Strait and Pacific Islander ancestry.

Indigi Fusionart is a business based on sharing culture through artistic knowledge. This knowledge has been handed down from Elders and transformed through Torry’s artwork. He creates handcrafted bush walking sticks, spinifex fairy halos, "cheeky dog" hand printed jarjums t-shirts and one off original and authentic paintings.




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